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10th and 11th(i guess?)

Lost track of the number of week
10th (i guess?)
Monday Aug 18… Business math discussed ratio and proportion..then answered exercises.. casual boring routine of a class. lol Finance - ofc. We weren’t attended by our almighty hardworking professor. Accounting Discussed the oh so hell MERCHANDISING :’( Shipping point blabla. I wish i really did get that lesson. A NECESSITY to do so:(
Tuesday Aug 19- PE made the last routine for woukrouts/stunts. WE got PAASCU accreditors that day, ad my mate Kath ortiz doesn’t have her uniform with her and it’s a total must to wear them.. so i kinda helped her … (wont ellaborate) English Quiz in e-learning (gahd speaking of elearning, we do hae elearning in accounting too!)  got 12/15 there. Bit tough.. PArts of speech and stuff. IT tackled about MS excel comparison of the 2003, 2007 and 2010 version blabla.. then copied some notes from our projector. Algebra.. shtty algebra. i thought it was a quiz.. not at all. after receiving the results last thurs :) got half. 2 items problem. 5/10 sht. i really got to do better in this subj.
WEdnesday - CAsual thingy..with Busniss math and finance. Accounting, wasn’t attended.. after an hour.. blockmates decided to go.. but me and my pals stayed.. and then…. prof got in. And we got +5. HAHA
Thursday- no classes idek why

Monday… Aug 25 No classes idek why too.
Tuesday - LPA on our area.. President of our univ, cancelled classes^_^
Wednesday - business math, checked the quiz. and i was given a special assignment which i happily welcomed and did just last friday :) Finance An unknown prof entered the room ( Alberto we got his name thru context clues <he just keeps on telling his story and viewss> and we do really like him <most of us>) Accounting, the almighty ELEARNING. fdge. sort of difficult.
Thursday - PE we actually did nothing.. just computed the recorded stunts.. like 13 jumping jacks in # secs. bla. English.. Discussed about voices and Prof gave take home Quiz. Which Ireally am not done doing yet.. IT ahm.. activity in the com lab.. Excel thingy.. weekly budget..monthly.. blah. Algebra! Whaaaa! First time liked her! Tho i really see her, making good of herself bc of the evaluation. mweh. No quizzes. just seatwork.. -.-

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Eleanor & Park (Book Review-Plot)

Eleanor and park book review:

I was so freshened up, mainly bc, for the last months.. I’ve been reading dystopian genre books(Ignite me- Tahereh Mafi, Allegiant - Veronica Roth and Maze Runner)
No war, no mystery or what. Just plain first love. And yeah, I could say I liked it but notmuch. But if were talking about the front to Chapter 57 I really loved it!
[context clues pls!]

PLOT : (sorry if I inserted some comments down below. ^_^V)

On the first few chaps, both main characs were introduced. Eleanor as the Big red girl who wears so odd. (i meant by odd as boyish with no particular style) she’s a heart toucher when it comes to literature. Park, is the black(bc he wears too much black), asian kid whom I considered as a very well looking man. It started out on the bus, when Eleanor’s the new girl and has nowhere to sit. You could tell by the looks of the people in the bus that no one’s willling to share a seat with her until she was called by the driver to sit down and Park just commanded with a cuss ‘Sit down’.
I started adoring Park by then, how he’s so gentleman(he was reading comics one day on the bus when his eyes caught that eleanor was also reading it, and so he slanted and slowed down on turning the pages for her), stuttering (when he thinks of a praise to say to eleanor after doing great on english.), decent(his family got potpourri everywhere. His mom is an Avon girl. He and his younger brother do Taewondo with their dad) and blabla.
So many things I can’t fathom into words. So eventually, they got together which at first made me so happy.. (I’d tell you later on why not so lasting.)
The little things they do, hold hands is just soo :’> The meet the parents of Park. How eleanor just stay at their house. Ahii :) but the sick part is… Eleanor doesn’t have the effin’ guts to stand for Park. Park could tho! Park kicked Steve’s face one morning when it teased eleanor big fat red. She couldn’t even tell her mom that she’s going to Park’s house.
She, instead told that she’ll be going to Tina’s who really isn’t even her friend and is one who bullies her. So it continued like that. And then i just hated Eleanor for Park. -_-
there are other reasons ofc.

…chaps flew by Rowell’s detailing their mismatched life.
fast forwarded…
One night, everything was just so perf.(E and P even made it to 2nd base at the back of Park’s car-_- whch really made me think if we Asians’re really not that liberated or maybe definitely noobs as 16yr olds bc we don’t effin make out on that age!)
then when Eleanor got home, she heard the usual shouts of his stepdad(just read the novel bc i won’t detail it here) she thought everything’s the usual when she came to her top bunk and found her box full of Park opened and vandalized. There she knew that his step dad already knew and so she went off again and went sobbing to Park. And bc park’s the perf guy, he drove her to his uncle’s. The drive was really romantic and emotional if it’s not me reading it. I hated them as couple right? So yea, the good byes… Promises.
And when park went home, he wrote letter almost everyday to her. But IDEK WHAT THE eych is Eleanor’s problem that she doesn’t even make up a single letter back. Yes, she did. But to her mom. So park continued like, for months.. -_- then he just stopped. I loved that moment tho. I’m like yey! Park would be mine. But the course just went off. And park

Went gothic. Thick eyeliner. Just.. Wrecked. Huhu. A year had passed. Park accidentally met Richie, E’s stepdad. He never thought he could be so angry at a person. It was drunk and tripped in front of him. He kicked snow and gravel onto his mouth and went off. It was prom(E promised P she would go with him) and I’m starting to regret not loving them here. If i just knew they wouldn’t get together at the end, i should’ve shipped them!
So Park went with somebody. . And just slept with his tux on that night. So it ended this way.

Park woke up with the tapping his father made. Mail call. A postcard ‘greeting from the land of 10,000lakes’ was sent. With HER scratchy handwritting. Just three words long.

~end04:09pm, Sat 23-08-2014

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If I Stay - Trailer (Prologue)

went to the theaters to see this.. on a SOON Billboard. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Now showing on other states. But September 3 here in PH. #unfair

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Waaaa :< Wala na talaga ID ko. I totally lost it. :< Huehue

Monday : operation :STILL THE SEARCH FOR Angeli’s ID. Late ako nagising that day… Supposed to be, at 5 am, im on the way na.. pero kakagising ko lang. HAHA Instant superman ako don. Plano ko pa namang magpa aga kasi pupuntahan ko yung room TYK 213 ,feel ko kasi dun ko naiwan.. Well, no luck, dahil may tao na, tinanong ko nalang yung Jan…. uhm, mas magandang term pls? Staff! so yun, in-ask ko yung staff kung may nakita silang ID (di ko na minention yung calcu tsaka planner, wala kasing pangalan yun) unfortunately wala. Huhu. Tsaka break nila that time.. 12 ko kasi sya nawala. Moving on BusMath, hahaha nagcompute ng grade! 97.8….YUNG UNA kong nacompute.. so tuwa ko naman na akala ko uno na… pero unfortunately datapwat ako’y nagkamali. hahaha 4 pala yung quizzes. Eh diko perfect yun.. ayon.. 97.35 nalang. Bedtreeep nga e. SAYANG! NAgexpect aquoh. XD JEJE! watdafuq. Finance, nagcompute dinnn . :> 89. something.. basta pa ni-round off magiging 90.. eh sa bracket, 1.75 lang.. laking taka ko lang lumabas sa portal ko 1.5 o.O (mamaya popost ko yung grades ko :)) Accounting, naglesson sa merchandising.. at sinabing may quiz sa next meeting which is wednesday..

Tuesday - PE. Ayon … work-out again.. Count your Jumping jacks, push ups, high knee raise, heart rate in 40 secs. 3rd time na namin ginawa yon -.- English.. E-learning… IT, compute ng grade…. pero di rin ako natawag para malaman yung grade kasi time na! College algebra.. What do you expect? NEW LESSON! Last chap of factoring.. THen EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! QUIIIIZZZ!! Hahaha mababa daw nakuha namin jan eh..

Wednesday - Bus. Math, nagpa quiz si ma’am after nung ratio thingy… ay nung monday ata yan.. tas pina-check nya skin.. walang nakaperf eh. Hihirit ako ng +1 sa monday. hehehe. Then nagpa exercise. Finance.. Ayon.. di kame pinasukan. HUHU Accounting. Nakakabobong quiz. pero keri naman.. yung True or false lang talaga. sumpain yon.  -.- tas nagbayad pa ako ng 10 para sa isang pirasong hindi back to back at short xerox ng answer sheet -.- haha ge. trip nya e. Good luck nalang talaga sa result ko don. Sana worth it ang 10. pisting 18k yun eh

Thursday - PE! Workouts again.. so dapat 6 times namin gagawin yun.. ginawa nya na lang na 5 times. Nitamad siguro? Djk English, juskooo, ang bagal ng oras… making conclusion.. Logical operations nung Modals blabla.. sa IT, ayun nganga! Sa lab. Pero buti nalang talaga lumapit ako don. kasi Yung prelims exam ko may maling pagkacheck at pina-correct ko.. kungdi, di siguro ako naka 1.5 don ^_^ Sa college algebra.. Abaaa. di sya nagsulat ng top 5 sa board na ikinataka naming lahat. Then dumating ang 20 mins lat enaming kaklase at pina lock/di niya pinabukas ung pintuan. :< Kawawa nga e sayang effort nila magpunta no. Dapat man lang pinapasok parin(gahd ang dal dal ko.. Partida nagpapatuyo pa ako ng nailpolish ngayon!) Then yun.. nagpaquiz ulit sya.. I see it as a replacement quiz.. (another factor of favoritism insert here Wont mention it) Then yun 40/40 naman ako kaya happy happy! 

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8th week

ain’t making a long one :< This week’s sooo not favorable to me :’((( HUEHUE here goes computed prelim grades(not the reason why i’ve said ‘unfavorable’ K?)

Bus. Math - 1.25, Finance — Accounting - 1.75, PE — English — , IT — Algebra - 1.75

idek if mamemaintain scholarship ko ng ganyan grades ko. 

Soo unfavorable ang week na’to dahil nawalan ako ng CALCU, PLANNER at ID. Sht sht sht sht talagaaaaa!! TToTT Naiinis ako sa sarili ko. :< Napaka burara kasi eh. 

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